Real Estate Acquisition

Folio Finance will research and identify a property that we believe will outperform over the long run.

Just as importantly, we will conduct a thorough analysis of your financial position to ensure that you can maintain your asset over a long period of time with the ultimate goal of passing it on to future generations.

If you don’t have a process in place to determine the fair value of a property, how can you confidently negotiate, make an offer, bid at auction or walk away from a property with confidence that you have made the right decision?

We will identify properties that meet a set of criteria.

After estimating the value of property, we then support our price estimate with quantifiable sales of “comparable properties” which we identify via a national sales database.

We then determine whether the current income is “market” or if the property is vacant, we determine the likely future income and determine a value based on that income or yield.

We then reconcile these two approaches (or cross check) to establish the relevant market value of the underlying asset.

It’s this detailed analysis that allows us to negotiate with confidence and without emotion and anxiety and this forms the cornerstone of our decision making process.

Once we have identified a property the meets our criteria, we will then use our experience to negotiate and purchase the property on your behalf. This may take the form of a private negotiation, private/boardroom auction, tender, public auction or off market negotiation.

Clients we have helped include:
Business Owners wishing to purchase their own business premises,
Residential Property Investors
Residential Property investors looking to move into commercial property investment,
Commercial Property Investors,
Residential and commercial property investors wishing to move into property development,
Property Developers & Builders,
SMSF Investors