We provide advice in 3 key areas :

• Property Finance
• Real Estate Acquisition
• Property Development/ Construction

We pair borrowers with the most efficient form of finance available so that they can maximise the return on their investment and mitigate any risks that may hinder their long term goals.

We arrange, structure and negotiate finance in 3 areas of specialisation:

• Residential Property
• Commercial Property
• Construction/Development

We will identify and acquire property on your behalf:

As well as structuring and arranging finance for our customers, we are often engaged to source and purchase property on behalf of our clients. The decision to purchase a property is only made once we have identified a suitable property that meets a strict set of criteria.


We acknowledge that sometimes clients will have pre-existing relationships with advisors and consultants whom they may want involved in the process. We have no inhibitions when it comes to working with new people and we welcome the opportunity.

In fact, many of our customers are referred to us by established property and finance professionals who use our services to leverage our specialised set of skills.

We will happily work closely with your advisors and maintain dialogue and communication during the entire process.

As professionals in our own right, we understand our strengths and limitations and will seek the services of other professionals when they can add value to your transaction and the quality of your experience.

We have over the years built a network of Property Professionals who we refer to as our “inner circle”. This is a network of Property Professionals who we rely on to provide services in areas outside our expertise.

As far as we are concerned, these are the brightest and best in their field and our access and open lines to this knowledge pool are another edge we have over our competition.