We are about to find out.

The folio finance blog has been created to provide up to date and relevant information with respect to Commercial Property Finance.

This blog will give you an insight into how investors and other savvy market participants, are using bank, non bank and non traditional avenues of finance, to purchase Commercial Property and improve their financial future.

Many individuals are discouraged from investing in Commercial Property because they:

a)      Believe Commercial Property Investment is too complicated,

b)      Think Commercial Property Investment is only for sophisticated investors with large sums of money,

c)       They simply believe they will not qualify for finance.

Of course, this is simply wrong and I believe the main cause of this false perception is the lack of public information available on this topic.

This blog aims to fill this information void by providing timely and relevant information on current opportunities, threats, trends, and common strategies used by Commercial Property owners to access funding in today’s market.

My goal for this blog is:

  1. To provide you with the most up to date and relevant information available,
  2. That the information will increase the likelihood of attaining finance,
  3. That the information will help professionals in the Commercial Property area, to better understand and stay up to date with the opportunities in the lending markets and hopefully help them and their own clients, better meet their goals,
  4. To provide a forum for professionals and investors alike, to share their thoughts, ideas and experiences with other members of our community,

So if you have an interest in Commercial Property or, you know someone who is interested in this area, please register to receive regular updates and be a part of our community.